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Our meats are of the finest quality, very carefully picked by our trained Purchasing department.

Chicken Bologna with mushroom and red pepper

A classic Chicken Bologna, added with mushrooms and peppers to give that extra fresh taste.

Beef Paprika Salami

This Italian favorite is a type of cured sausage consisting of fermented and air-dried beef meat. Made with the right amount of paprika to give that right amount of zing.

Bologna sausage

Delicately blended with spices and contains no by-products, experience a classic bologna taste. Perfect for lunch and sandwiches.

Beef Jambon

Pure calf with aromatic spices. Mama Vicky’s uses traditional methods to give you the luscious taste of beef jambon.

Chicken Bologna

Mama Vicky’s firm, flavorful Chicken Bologna is just that, chicken bologna. This deli meat will add a tasty kick to entrees, snacks, and appetizers.

Cervelat Beef Salami

Fermented and dry cured beef. Fine in texture. Mama Vicky’s Beef Salami Cervelat is tangy and smoky in flavor yet also mild with a hint of garlic. 

Mortadella Pistachio

Made in the traditional Italian way, Mama Vicky’s Mortadella Pistachio is flavored with spices, including ground black pepper, myrtle berries, and pistachios. The perfect complement to any Italian sandwich.

Garlic Chicken Bologna

Bursting with flavor. This classic Chicken Bologna is mixed with garlic seasoning.